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Improve patient satisfaction with quick, professional call answering.

Manage your practice better, letting you focus on patient care.

Reduces no-shows with automated appointment reminders

Streamline your operations and reduce errors

The AI handles emergencies with such professionalism. It's like having a top-notch receptionist 24/7.

Dr. Noah C., Riverside Dental Care

Never miss a new appointment

Natural, engaging AI for
patient-friendly interactions.

Smart call routing for prompt handling of emergencies

24/7/365 availability to manage your calls and appointments

Seamless integration with dental practice management software.

Improved how we manage patient care. It’s like we’ve found extra hours in our day

Dr. Emma T., Oceanview Dental

24/7 scheduling, rescheduling, and cancellations.

Automated appointment reminders and confirmations.

Real-time updates to your practice management system.

Appointment Management Mastery

Efficient Patient
Appointment Management

Immediate identification and prioritization of emergency calls.

Swift routing to on-call staff for timely care.

Follows your practice's emergency protocols to the letter.

Comprehensive Patient Support

Provides information on services, procedures, and insurance.

Takes messages and captures patient details for follow-up.

Answers common questions, freeing up your team's time.

I was impressed how well it handles emergency call routing, making sure urgent cases are prioritized.

Dr. Aaron M., Apex Dental Care

Security & Compliance

HIPAA compliant

Secure cloud infrastructure

Encrypted communication

Strict access controls to protect patient data

Your 24/7 Dental Answering Service

Never miss a call. Fill your schedule. Keep patients smiling.

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I've booked 30% more jobs and spent less time on the phone.

Schedule is full, customers are happy, and I can focus on what I do best.

I was impressed how well it handles emergency call routing, making sure urgent cases are prioritized.

How UpGiant Works

Answer 24/7, ensuring you never miss a new patient or emergency

Schedules appointments seamlessly, integrating with your software

Handles patient inquiries, providing info on services, insurance & more