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I've filled 25% more vacancies and spent less time on the phone

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Property Showings Scheduling: Integrate your scheduling system to allow real-time booking of property showings, maximizing efficiency and filling vacancies faster.

Information Collection and Pre-Qualification: Our system collects necessary information from callers, performing basic pre-qualification to streamline the leasing process.

Streamlined Leasing Inquiries

Efficient Work Order Processing

Work Order Management: Residents can easily report maintenance issues using your existing work order management system.

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When callers have questions beyond showings or maintenance - anything else - they're directly connected to a person. Our AI swiftly identifies these needs and ensures they speak with a team member who can help.

Our AI offers information, takes messages, or routes calls. Every caller gets help, reducing your workload.

I was hesitant about an AI taking calls, but it has surpassed expectations. It's like having a full-time leasing agent.

Robert L.

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Role-based data access

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I've booked 30% more jobs and spent less time on the phone.

Schedule is full, customers are happy, and I can focus on what I do best.

I was skeptical about an AI taking calls, but it has exceeded expectations. It's like having a full-time receptionist.